**Press Release** 1/7/2019

Bad Boys for Life

2019 is off to a crazy start as, 5150 Action can official announce that Mike Gunther and his action team have signed on to the action-packed franchise Bad Boys.  This film will be the third installment in the Bad Boys franchise and between us, it is going to blow you away.  Mike Gunther is set to Second Unit direct bringing audience members around the world to the action-packed streets of Miami alongside our heroes, Mike Lowery and Marcus Burnett.  Filming begins with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence mid-January and will conclude in April.  Keep a close on the 5150 Action news page for updates from the set of Bad Boys For Life.


**Press Release** 12/21/2018

Bumblebee 12/21/2018

With an exciting close out to 2018, Bumblebee scored a 94% overall review from Rotten Tomatoes. Hailee Steinfield and John Cena, both leads in this action-packed heart felt story about a young girl and her new-found friend Bumblebee.  This is 5150 Actions 3rd Transformers film to date and with the success of this movie on the rise, Paramount Pictures and All Spark productions plan to continue the franchise. Mike Gunther directed second unit on this project, bringing to life the action-packed sequences that blew audiences away.  Mike with his 5150 Action team continue to deliver the highest quality of action across the film industry with more projects planned for 2019.  Stay tuned for what’s next for Mike Gunther and his 5150 Action team.


**Press Release** 10/4/2017 Los Angeles


Bumblebee is just over half way finished, with Mike Gunther wrapping up a massive week of 2nd Unit directing in Mammoth California. The past seven weeks have been mixed with lots of action and a ton of travel. The Bumblebee project has already filmed in seven different cities in the state of California. Mike Gunther and his 5150 Action team returned to Los Angeles Sunday for the final six weeks of filming. The month of October is going to be one for the record books with Mike Gunther designing pivotal action sequences for main unit while simultaneously directing 2nd unit. Bumblebee is set to release in 2018 with Hailee Steinfeld starring in the project.


**Press Release** 6/9/2017     Bumblebee

Bumblebee 2017

With Transformers: The Last Knight on the horizon of hitting theaters June 21st, Mike Gunther has signed on to Second Unit Direct the first Transformers spin off to date; Bumblebee. Travis Knight, Academy Award Nominee: “Kubo and the Two Stings,” is set to direct. Bumblebee will be shot entirely in California with production to start late July. Hailee Steinfeld will lead the cast, more details on additional cast to come soon. This will be the first Transformers film without Michael Bay at the wheel, but he won’t be far, as Bay is locked in to produce. Gunther and his 5150 Action team have begun prepping, designing and formulating action sequences that will give this spin off the traditional heart pound movie going experience that the Transformers franchise is known to deliver. Bumblebee will hit theaters summer 2018. Stay tuned for more details and exciting news to come.


**Press Release** 8/9/16       Transformers 5

With the finals days of filming in Detroit fast approaching. Mike Gunther and his 5150 Action team are getting ready to hop the pond and shoot in her majesties backyard. With just over eight weeks left of principle photograph in the United Kingdom, we thought it might be nice to give you little glimpse into the action.

Click below and buckle up, the Autobots are back!


**Press Release** 7/18/16        Star Trek BEYOND

Star Trek Beyond In Theaters Friday July 22nd

It’s finally here! Star Trek Beyond hits theaters this Friday. Mike Gunther and his 5150 Action team could not be more proud of a project. We traveled the globe and went to the depths of space to bring you BEYOND! This film is more than just another installment of a fantastic franchise, it’s a film made with passion and heart. Justin Lin, Paramount Pictures and the entire cast of Star Trek Beyond, congrats on a great shoot and job well done. Make sure you see Star Trek this Friday, in theaters everywhere!


**Press Release** 2/11/16      Turtle Power

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

5150 Action and Mike Gunther have returned from New York City. The past two weeks have been spent along side producer Andrew Form and the crew of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows. Mike Gunther directed the lasted version of films final battle with Megan Fox and Will Arnet. Turtles is looking great and with the help of Mike and the 5150 Action team the 3rd act battle is going to look fantastic. Out of the Shadows hits theaters June 3rd.


**Press Release** 1/25/16      Silent Kill

Mike Gunther and Andrew DeCesare have been working over the past year developing an amazing project titled Silent Kill. This project is the new age Karate Kid Meets Born on the 4th of July. Get ready to be blow away by the content and acting in this upcoming drama. In talks with a major actor, this project is going to take Hollywood by surprise and of course dazzle its audience. Stay tuned for more details.


**Press Release**  9/10/15    New Poster for Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse

New poster for Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse. Director Chris Landon teamed up with Mike Gunther and 5150 Action over a year ago. Get ready for a wild, hilarious and horrifying film. We will be seeing you in theaters this October.


**Press Release**  9/5/15    Star Trek Beyond Filming

Almost four months in filming, “Star Trek Beyond.” The cast and crew could not be more amazing. Lots of surprises and epic 5150 Action for Trek fans around the world. Two more weeks in Vancouver than the team is off to finish in Dubai.


**Press Release**  6/2/15    Entourage

Ari is back at it, alongside his team of Hollywood’s most elite. Entourage hits theaters June 5th and is expected to be a huge success. Mike Gunther lead the charge on second unit and his team helped bring the action alive in this sure hit movie. Expect a wild ride with lots of laughs, and of course some of 5150 Actions closest friends; Mark Wahlberg


**Press Release**  10/27/14  OUIJA TAKES #1

Ouija hits a home run over the weekend, pulling in just over 20 million to take the number one box office slot. Mike Gunther leading 5150 Action teamed up with Blumhouse and Platinum Dunes to bring Stiles Whites horror and terrifying film to life. With girls hanging from banisters and terror lurking at every corner; Ouija is expected to be a top box office contender for weeks to come.

Ouija the Movie - 5150 Action




**Press Release**  10/10/14    Justin Lin and Mike Gunther Lock and Load with “Bullitt”

Justin Lin and 5150 Action Lock and Load with "Bullitt"
Bullitt is a branded entertainment production company that is set up to bring creative series to companies and agencies around the world. Justin Lin, Anthony Rusoo, Joe Russo along with Mike Gunther’s 5150 Action have been working over the summer shooting top secret episodes set to release next year. Set to take over and set a new bench mark for advertising. This new style of storytelling and camera style help fuses the direct relationship between the filmmaker, the advertising company and the consumer. The leaps and bounds made in camera technology and filmmaking will truly leave audience members in awe.


**Press Release**  10/05/2014   Man Down Update

5150 ACTION and Man Down Update
Shia LaBeouf, Kate Mara and Gary Oldman sign on to shoot Dito Montiel’s upcoming film, “Man Down.” Mike Gunther and 5150 Action have been asked by Dito and producers to bring this post Afghanistan war film to life. The film follows Shia’s character as he comes to terms with his past while searching for his family. Most of the film will be shot in New Orleans, leaving the hard hitting heavy military action sequences to Mike Gunther and his team in Los Angeles. The film is set to release in 2015 and expected to be an award contender.


**Press Release** 9/15/2014   Hollywood Adventures

"So In Love"

Mike Gunther and director Tim Kendall team up to do a Chinese funded monumental film, “So In Love.” The movie is set in Los Angeles following a man searching for his sweetheart in the heart of Hollywood. Massive action sequences on are rumored to be shot over the next few months. Mike Gunther will be heading up the action as well as second unit directing. Justin Lin and his team are executive producing and this film is expected to be the front runner in the Chinese box office in 2015.


**Press Release**  9/1/2014


Mike Gunther, interview featured on IMDB and Collider Magazine. Find out what it takes to bring high speed, explosive action to the screen. Exclusive interview with Mike Gunther and Michael Bay on the set of Transformers 4.
Link to article below.


**Press Release**  9/18/2014  Purge 2 Anarchy

Purge 2 Anarchy

Purge 2 Anarchy cross 100 million box office worldwide this past weekend. Mike Gunther and his 5150 Action team delivered heart pounding action though out the film. The massive subway battle was shot and designed by Mike Gunther and left Purge fans at the edge of their seats during the film. Gunther continues to team up with Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes and Blumhouse delivering excellent movies and top box office ticket sales.


**Press Release** 7/29/14  RUNNER


Project Runner a 5150 Production, Mike Gunther’s projected new feature will be shooting a pick up day after signing Avatar’s Stephen Lang will be starring as, “Ivan.” Lang will be traveling from New York to Los Angeles to shoot his role. “I love the idea and I really think Mike Gunther and 5150 Action are on the cutting edge of film,” Lang said. Justin Lin, director for the franchise “Fast and Furious” is weighing in as Executive Producer. Mike Gunther, Justin Lin, and Steven Lang, you do the math, it’s going to be a hit.
This project is set to release in short form and web-isodes this fall.


**Press Release** 7/14/14  DUEL EFFECT

Lionsgate Duel Effect

Lionsgate and MGM have closed a deal with Mike Gunther to direct their upcoming action film, Duel Effect. Cast is still a mystery, but rumors have been circulating Los Angeles and it’s going to be good. The movie is set to begin production and principle photography early 2015. This will be the second time Mike Gunther has teamed up with Lionsgate Films. Setup was shot in 2011 starring Bruce Willis. Everyone at Lionsgate and MGM are very excited to have Gunther directing for them again.


**Press Release**  7/3/14  FAST & FURIOUS THE RIDE

Fast & Furious Ride
Universal Studios has announced they will be adding an additional ride to their theme parks next summer. Fast and Furious the Ride is an action packed virtual tram ride that will be added on the studio tour. Mike Gunther and his 5150 Action team designed the action thrills at every second of this ride. Mike brings his expertise having worked on many of the Fast and Furious franchise films. The ride is coming to Universal Studios Hollywood, Summer 2015.


**Press Release**  6/24/14

Variety Ad "Thank You"

A full page “Thank You” can be found in this week’s issue of Variety. Mike Gunther thanks Michael Bay and crew for an amazing wild ride. Make sure you pick up your copy and check out Transformers 4 ‘Age of Extinction,” in theaters this Friday!