Meet the future of action film making. A synthesis of physical action expertise, film making talent and innovative technology enables 5150 Action to deliver the kind of onscreen excitement audiences pack theaters to see.
5150 Action, formed by Mike Gunther, is revolutionizing the action genre through hybridized film making expertise, cutting-edge approaches and innovative technologies. Mike Gunther is an award winning action expert whose unique array of talents enable him to create and capture the kind of epic action that audiences pack theaters to see. Respected as a tour de force talent and consummate professional, Gunther is a driving force behind many of Hollywood’s top blockbusters. His work has helped bring in over $3 billion in box office sales.

Mike’s career began in the hot seat as one of the industry’s elite stunt performers and coordinators, then worked his way behind the camera as a writer, director and producer. In 2010, he formed 5150 Action – a full service production company created to deliver the most exciting action films possible. Mike is able to fuse all elements of his film making evolution to continually redefine the realm of possibility, and generate his distinctive brand of extraordinary action.

Our production company features an exclusive in-house technical department. We not only stock the latest advances in capture technology, we invent them. This creative laboratory allows A-list talent to continually raise the bar on what can be created and captured, and then quickly share visual concepts with department heads throughout various stages of production. Enhanced collaboration and aligned vision means more productive shoots, and introduces the production to a wider realm of possibility—an important edge when trying to exceed escalating audience expectations.



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Kyle Woods:  Vice President








Andrew DeCesare: VP of Creative








Deborah P. Gutierrez: VP of Business and Legal