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Transformers 4

**Press Release**   6/16/14

Two weeks away from the most anticipated film of the summer. Mike Gunther led 5150 Action on an action packed adventure though Transformers 4 “Age of Extinction.”

The summer of 2013 was filled with explosion and mind blowing action sequences designed by Gunther and Bay. Audiences around the world are lining up to get pre-sale tickets to this epic installment of Transformers, premiering worldwide June 27th.

Purge 2 Anarchy

**Press Release**  5/24/14

Blumhouse Pictures along with Platinum Dunes signed Mike Gunther to direct second unit on the Purge 2: Anarchy.

This creepy horror concept took the box office by storm in 2012 and its successor is expected to exactly the same.

Michael Bay is producing and sent his action man Gunther to tune up the action sequences though out the film. United We Purge and United We Support 5150 Action in their quest to bring the hottest action to screen.

Scouts vs. Zombies


**Press Release**  5/01/14

Day one on production of Paramount upcoming comedic horror film, Scouts Vs Zombies. Mike Gunther signed on in late March to second unit direct zombie action for Paramount Pictures.

Chris Landon directs with Mike Gunther at his side providing action unlike anything ever seen before in horror films.

Set to release in March, Friday the 13th 2015. Expect to see zombies running wild as our four heroes fight to save an invested town.